JSCVC Teachers Achieved Success in the Teaching Contest of Jiangsu Vocational Colleges in 2020

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2020-08-17Set Up

August 17,2020, a winner list of Jiangsu Vocational College Teaching Competition was released to the public, JSCVC teams have collected two First Prizes of secondary vocational group, four second prizes and four third prizes of higher vocational group, making a  historic breakthrough in terms of the total number of awards.

In recent years, JSCVC has been attaching great importance to the construction of faculty, constantly strengthening the cultivation of teaching ability, continuously promoting teachers' capability of curriculum development, professional skills and information technology application so as to build a professional growth path for teachers develop by integrating our information characteristics.

This competition is a test for the achievements of JSCVC’s  faculty construction, but also the promotion, stimulation and guidance to the reform and innovation of teaching. In the future, JSCVC will further consolidate the achievements of the competition, constantly intensify teacher training, build a comprehensive platform for teachers’ growth, and gradually build a contingent of high-quality professional and innovative teachers.