President Cui Xinyou Visited Qiaolin to Pay Tribute to the Construction Staff of the new Campus

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In recent days, the high temperature in Nanjing continued, on the new campus construction site, the relocation work staff stick to their posts in the worst heat to ensure the orderly operation of new campus construction despite the uncomfortable weather. On the morning of August 4, President Cui Xinyou came to the construction site of the new campus to know about the progress of the project construction and to express his solicitude to the construction personnel. Vice President Niu Yutao accompanied.

At the construction site, Cui Xinyou expressed his concern to the on-site staff who braved the high temperature to make preparation for the construction, showed his heartfelt appreciation to the members of the site command, security and construction personnel of the new campus, exhorting them to have a sound protection against high temperature and to ensure not only normal construction but also the health and personal safety of front-line staff. He said that the smooth progress of the new campus project is indispensable to the hard work of front-line staff, he hoped that we will continue to strive for excellence, for the smooth progress of the new campus.

Cui Xinyou made a field understanding of the new campus project construction progress and conducted a comprehensive inspection on the construction safety under the heat. Members of the new campus relocation and construction command are required to do a good job in high temperature prevention and response, strictly implement the safety construction system, carefully explore and rectify the hidden dangers of production, improve all kinds of emergency plans to ensure safe construction of the new campus.