Boundless Power Conveyed by Anti-epidemic Deeds -Academy of Art Held a Symposium on Stories of Medical Team Members

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In order to deeply inherit and carry forward the spirit of anti-epidemic, guide students to be firmly self-confident in the system, enhance social responsibility and sense of mission, Academy of Art held a symposium on the deeds of medical team members on May 26.  Duanmu Jianyu, a doctor from Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital and member of the medical team for severe cases dispatched to Wuhan was invited to share his experience and feelings at the frontline through videoconference, teaching a special patriotic lesson for all students.

At the symposium, Duanmu told the story of his stay in Wuhan from February 12th when he left for Wuhan's first hospital where he worked for 35 days and then moved to Jinyintan Hospital, to the day on which the critical cases were cleared off after his 25-day fight there. Precious photos, true story plots, touching scenes, disinterred the moving experience of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital medical team, from the moment when they were ordered at time of crisis , their hard struggle , to their return with honor. As a post-90s Communist Youth League member, Duanmu said that to be able to participate in the fight against the epidemic is both a mission and glory which has steeled himself. Despite the hardship, he feels the duty and glory as a soldier in whit. This is undoubtedly a valuable life experience in which the strength of motherland, superiority of socialist system, common mind of the whole country’s people, Wuhan locals' true feelings all sprang up, personnel organization, material deployment or logistics support, everything was in good order. Moved and greatly inspired by the courage and sense of responsibility of the medical staff, students actively interacted with Duanmu online and expressed their eagerness to show the spirit of contemporary youth and value embodiment with practical actions.

Referring to the letter of General Secretary Xi Jinping to all the Post-90s Party members of Peking University's Medical Aid Team, Zhang Jie, deputy secretary of the School’s general branch made a summary of the symposium, encouraging our young students to follow the example of Jiangsu Medical Team, to learn from their dedication and subordination to the overall situation regardless of personal danger, their noble qualities of fulfilling their conscientious duty with strong sense of responsibility. Students are expected to adapt to and obey the new management norms of a closed campus during epidemic prevention and control period and to keep learning diligently while bearing in mind contributing to the country, society , bravely shoulde the responsibility of the times, and fly their dreams of youth. 

This symposium serves as not only a vivid and wonderful teaching of ideological and political course, but also a profound thought   baptism. Through the dialogue with the frontline anti-epidemic hero, students deeply understand the extraordinary spirit and dedication of heroes in harm’s way which has tremendously inspired the young students’ patriotism, love for the Party and the people.