Passing Love and Warmth –Condolences to Paralympic Athletes Alumni from JSCVC Alumni Association

Views:21Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2020-05-18Set Up

In order to strengthen the awareness of the whole society to help the disabled, carry forward the humanitarian spirit, advocate the good social morality of assisting the disabled, JSCVC alumni association expressed their regards to 15 Paralympic athletes alumni on the 30th National Day for Helping the Handicapped.

As it is currently in the midst of epidemic prevention and control, the Alumni Association has sent a letter to alumni, thanking them for their long-standing interest in and support to their alma mater, affirming their dedication to national glory, and extending a sincere invitation to them to return to their alma mater on this year's homecoming day. The Alumni Association communicated with alumni online about their current working conditions, living, difficulties, and their advice on education and teaching. Having received greetings from their alma mater, alumni were very excited, they spoke freely and expressed their concern for their alma mater, saying that they will continue to be proud of their alma mater and win honor for the country and society.

In 2020, JSCVC will endeavor to implement the spirit of the second Party Congress in an effort to make a new breakthrough based on solid foundation. we will, as always put a high value on the aspirations and interests of disabled alumni so as to create a better future for the cause of the disabled with joint efforts.