JSCVC Carries out Online Training on the Information Database of Students with Special Difficulties

Views:20Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2020-05-18Set Up

In order to financially assist students with difficulty in a more targeted way, to ensure strict implementation of various financial assistance policies for students and maintain the stability, continuity of funding policy, an online training was carried out on the afternoon of May 15th, on Yingtian Campus. Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office,  Bao Huijun, all teachers of Funding Management Department , directors of various college's student affairs office, relevant teachers participated in the training.

At the training session, Qian Xiuping, a teacher from Provincial Funding Center interpreted key issues of targeted financial aid to students in difficulty, her interpretation consists five aspects:putting a new premium on targeted aid to financially difficult students, giving full play to the role of school information database, precise implementation of various student funding policies, focusing on the improvement of multi-sectoral linkage mechanism, intensifying monitoring and supervision on university student funding. 

Technical engineers gave online training on the practice operation of information database, demonstrating operation steps on browser settings, platform login and exit, information comparison, list management, comprehensive query, statistical reports.

Key issues on targeted funding to students of financial difficulty are brought to a more clear understanding of responsible teachers after the training . They have become more familiar with practical operation of the database, which has laid a good foundation for our support to students in 2020.